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Caring for adults with disabilities takes special care. It also takes a lot of energy, patience, and organization, from remembering doctor's prescriptions to daily household chores that have to be done. Learning how to care for adults with disabilities takes time.

Residential Care Services is a host home provider in Aurora. We offer adults with developmental disabilities and special needs the opportunity to live with families. We also offer those who can still live independently with care on a weekly basis, such as in our apartment program. We partner with the Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT) Program to help transition residents from nursing homes to home-based and community-based homes. Our Personal Care Alternative (PCA) Program allows clients to live in residential homes with staff supervision. We are passionate about helping those with these conditions live a happy and high quality life. Below, we'll offer up home care tips for those who care for adults with disabilities. Contact us today to learn more!


For those of us privileged enough to live in a warm and caring home environment, we might forget how lucky we are to have a safe place to sleep, a self-sufficient ability to take care of ourselves, and maybe even a loving community of family and friends to come home to everyday. But for lots of individuals in the world, this privilege is unavailable, or has been taken away from them. This is especially true for individuals in the world living with a developmental disability.

While the stigma regarding intellectual and developmental disabilities has dissipated gradually over the past decade, there is still a large population of adult individuals with developmental disabilities who are unable to be fully self-sufficient, and also lack a caring and supportive home environment. Whether they truly have nowhere to go, or their family cannot support their needs adequately, the welfare system in our country for supporting these individuals is also fairly weak, and as result, this population of people suffers to find a safe and supportive space to live their lives. That’s where a...


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