Home Care Tips for Adults with Disabilities

Caring for adults with disabilities takes special care. It also takes a lot of energy, patience, and organization, from remembering doctor's prescriptions to daily household chores that have to be done. Learning how to care for adults with disabilities takes time.

Residential Care Services is a host home provider in Aurora. We offer adults with developmental disabilities and special needs the opportunity to live with families. We also offer those who can still live independently with care on a weekly basis, such as in our apartment program. We partner with the Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT) Program to help transition residents from nursing homes to home-based and community-based homes. Our Personal Care Alternative (PCA) Program allows clients to live in residential homes with staff supervision. We are passionate about helping those with these conditions live a happy and high quality life. Below, we'll offer up home care tips for those who care for adults with disabilities. Contact us today to learn more!


Make Safety a Priority

When you are caring for adults with disabilities, you will have different needs than most people. Depending on the particular condition your loved one has, there may be many modifications you will need to make to your home in order to make it safe. For example, if your loved one is in a wheelchair, you will need to ensure your home is wheelchair accessible. This usually entails making sure the hallways are wide enough and that the bathrooms are equipped with railings for easy use. You also may have to add in a home ramp to your front door in order to make entering and exiting easy and safe. Residential Care Services in Colorado reminds you that the goal is to create as much independence as you can for your loved one with disabilities while easing your strain and stress as well.

Invest in Good Equipment

As a caregiver, you have a lot of stress. Thus, when you make the life of your loved one easier, your life gets easier too. Thus, it's imperative that you invest in the right home medical equipment in order to care for your loved one with disabilities. You may need to get a hospital bed that can raise and lower, a bedside toilet to make nighttime trips to the bathroom unnecessary, and a patient lift if need be.

Ask For Help

While the American spirit is strong in all of us and we all want to be independent, it's okay to ask for help with the care of your loved one with disabilities. Enlist family members to help you with grocery shopping or trips to the doctor. Hire a housekeeper every now and then to help you clean. Partner with a caregiver organization that can give you a much needed break. Residential Care Services in Aurora offers occasional staff supervision, so we can help. Caring for an adult with disabilities can break your spirit if you let it. Lean on others; that's what they are there for.

Take Care of Yourself

In the midst of making sure your loved one with disabilities is cared for, from cooking and cleaning to giving them their pills, taking them to the doctor, and ensuring they have all of their needs met, it can be super easy for you to let yourself go. This is not only bad for you, but it's also not good for the one you love. Thus, Residential Care Services in Aurora recommends that you be sure you sleep enough, eat healthy, exercise, and take mental breaks when you need it. Even just going for a couple hours out for coffee with a friend can provide the break you need to keep going.

Invest in Friendships

Your loved one with disabilities needs more social interaction than just what you can provide. Plus, it can be encouraging for your loved one to see others with disabilities doing things as well. Residential Care Services offers supervised community activities, as well as emotional and social skills education in order to both provide those social opportunities and help your loved one with the social tools that they need. We recommend that you connect with a great organization in your area that specializes in helping adults with developmental disabilities and special needs stay connected to others.

Talk It Out

Caring for your loved one with a disability takes its toll on all aspects of your life, including spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. You can feel a myriad of feelings, including anger, resentment, fear, and frustration. Don't bottle up your feelings until they adversely affect your health. Either find a good friend to talk to or seek professional help, especially if you are feeling depressed or anxious. A professional counselor can give you the tools you need to cope with your feelings so you can stay healthy, too.



Residential Care Services in Aurora is passionate about helping those with developmental disabilities, special needs, and the elderly lead quality, fulfilling lives as adults. We've an array of programs that can provide your loved one with social interaction, independent living, and personalized care. Our home host program is extremely popular as it offers adults with disabilities and special needs the opportunity to live with a family, some of which may have small children and pets. Our apartment program allows those adults with disabilities who can live mostly independent lives to do so with the help of staff supervision. Our Personal Care Alternative (PCA) Program allows up to three of our clients to live together under one roof in a community atmosphere with staff supervision. We've also partnered with the Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT) Program to help those who qualify transition from nursing homes or long-term care facilities into a host home provider environment.

Our host home program is also open to the elderly, the blind, and other disabled residents in and near Aurora. We customize our programs to meet the needs of our clients, which ensures they are placed in the right living situation and home. All of our host home providers are vetted to find the best possible homes for your loved ones. You can rest assured that your loved one with disabilities or special needs will find a loving home who cares for them.

When you partner with us, your loved one will also gain access to all of our other wonderful services, including emotional and social skill education, customized services, family-structured services, and person-centered programming, all tailored for those with disabilities and special needs. Contact Residential Care Services in Aurora today to get started!