What is a Host Home Provider?

For those of us privileged enough to live in a warm and caring home environment, we might forget how lucky we are to have a safe place to sleep, a self-sufficient ability to take care of ourselves, and maybe even a loving community of family and friends to come home to everyday. But for lots of individuals in the world, this privilege is unavailable, or has been taken away from them. This is especially true for individuals in the world living with a developmental disability.

While the stigma regarding intellectual and developmental disabilities has dissipated gradually over the past decade, there is still a large population of adult individuals with developmental disabilities who are unable to be fully self-sufficient, and also lack a caring and supportive home environment. Whether they truly have nowhere to go, or their family cannot support their needs adequately, the welfare system in our country for supporting these individuals is also fairly weak, and as result, this population of people suffers to find a safe and supportive space to live their lives. That’s where a host home provider comes in. A host home provider is a homeowner who opens up their home to house an adult individual or individuals with developmental disabilities. In addition to providing a warm and safe space to live in, a quality host home provider will look to support and nurture this individual, providing them the opportunities to learn and develop their own self-sufficiency in a caring environment.

Residential Care Services is a very proud provider of host home services all around Colorado, from Aurora and Boulder, to Northern Denver and Fort Collins. Our network of host home providers are a committed bunch with a penchant for caring, opening up their homes to house a variety of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about what a host home provider provides, and how Residential Care Services might be able to help you.

What Does a Host Home Provider Provide?

Whether it’s cooking their own meal or managing their own finances, individuals living with a developmental disability can have a very difficult time being self-sufficient. And in a fairly unforgiving world, unless they have a caring environment to support them and their development, they might not have anyone to help them with the daily, yet very important tasks, like consistently doing chores, or learning how to effectively shop at the grocery store, or preparing diverse and nutritious meals for themselves. A host home provider gives them a supportive space with a supportive community around them, so they can learn and grow in a more forgiving environment, and ultimately become more independent in their own lives, a task that might be unreasonably difficult without that forgiving environment.

In addition to providing a safe space where individuals can relax, recharge, and ultimately feel comfortable, a host home provider also provides an environment where individuals can practice a variety of social and emotional skills, without the impatience and lack of understanding that many environments in the world have for people with intellectual disabilities. Individuals are able to practice having conversations effectively, as well as expressing their own emotions and thoughts. In an environment free from stigma, judgment, or discrimination, individuals are able to practice these skills with their host home provider and the community they create, and in turn, eventually, apply these skills to their everyday life.

This also includes a variety of independent living skills, practicing them with their caretaker, in a space where they can make mistakes, learn from someone who has done it before, and foster their own independence and self-sufficiency. These kinds of skills include laundry, shopping, cooking, chores, financial organization, and more, all skills that a developmentally typical adult would have to learn naturally, either from experience or from their parents. But for individuals with a developmental disability, they are either unable to learn simply from experience, have never had the experience or the support from their parents, or have tried and failed in a fairly unforgiving world for them. A host home provider looks to take out all the stress and anxiety that these necessary skills for self-sufficiency can induce, and instead, create a space that provides a forgiving practice of these skills, making it a less stressful and more effective learning experience.


Host Home Provider in Northern Colorado

If you or your loved one is looking for an effective host home provider and the safe and comforting environment it can provide, Residential Care Services is here to help you. We have a reliable network of vetted and compassionate host home providers all over Colorado, including Fort Collins, Loveland, Aurora, and Boulder. Give us a call today and see how our host home services can provide the help and the home you are looking for. Call now!