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Case Manager


Case management is a customized service where our managers coordinate communication between doctors, therapists, legal counselors, social workers, companions, life coaches and aides for clients with need medical care, behavioral healthcare, legal or social services or for individuals who will need to coordinate between providers or relevant professionals. Our experts provide case management services, across the nation, both on an in-person and remote basis. We provide behavioral health case management, and other services for individuals with a variety of concerns and needs.

What is a Case Manager?

Case managers are organizers and the central point of contact for the coordination of services. Our manager’s have an intimate understanding of the client’s needs and make sure critical information is never left out or forgotten when making decisions related to client care.

Some Reasons People Seek Case Management Services:

Time: People who cannot dedicate the time necessary for organizing their own or their loved one’s care.

Navigation Complex situation: Those who need help navigating confusing medical or legal systems, particularly if there are cultural or language barriers involved.

Inside Knowledge: Case managers understand the ins and outs of their fields and will be able to guide you through the process of getting the care or assistance that you need.

Expertise: Overseeing a treatment plan and coordination care can quickly become overwhelming for an individual or a family member who has other responsibilities and no experience with the systems involved.

For clients who do not yet have a comprehensive treatment team, we can assist in finding local providers in relevant clinical professions.

  • We provide individually assigned case managers who guide you through regular in person-or remote meetings, as well as keep in frequent phone contact.
  • We can connect you to appropriate community – based resources that cover holistic needs, social, recreational, housing, educational clinical, vocational, self- help, medical/health, including finding housing and providing move – in support.
  • We help identify appropriate local clinical groups for self-help meetings.
  • We facilitate meetings with professionals for long- term planning
  • We handle interfacing with insurance companies, Medicaid programs, and other funding sources.
  • We compile and track medical records from past and inpatient and outpatient providers.
  • We offer crisis management and after- hours support.

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